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ADJECTIVE + PREPOSITION (Tính từ + giới từ)

(Tính từ + giới từ)

18.1 Các tính từ trong tiếng Anh thường liên kết với một giới từ nào đó:

 - The ancient pagoda was crowded with tourists.
 - The audience was impressed by/with the artist's performance.
 - He was found guilty of burglary.
 - This house is similar to the one we have just visited.
 - Children are often afraid of going out in the dark.
 - Many foreign tourists are fond of the local seafood.
 - Mary is fed up with doing the same things day after day.
 - John's parents are pleased with his exam results.
 - I am nervous of saying the wrong thing.
 - What's wrong with borrowing a little money?
 - The hotel is famous for its huge casino.
 - I'm afraid I'll be rather short of money this month.
 - Many young people were crazy about country music.
 - We are proud of his achievements.
 - He was surprised at what happened that night.
 - My sister is always worrying about her weight.
 - He is thrilled at/by the prospect of seeing her again.
 - That kind of remark is typical of a man.
 - My little son is brilliant at maths, you know.
 - I am always bad at any kind of sport.
 - It is said that English people are hopeless at learning foreign languages.
 - Many people are often jealous of other people's success.
 Nhiều động từ đi sau các giới từ trên đây có thể có chủ ngữ:
 - She was aware of people staring at her new dress.
 - We are surprised at Linda failling the exam.

18.2 Một số tính từ có thể liên kết với hai giới từ khác nhau tùy theo nghĩa:

- The passengers are angry about the delay. [angry about something]
   Why are you angry with me? It's not my fault. [angry with someone]

- Everyone was anxious about terrorist attacks. [anxious about something]
  Parents are usually anxious for their children. [anxious for someone]
  The new graduates are anxious for work. [= wanting]

- The government is deeply concerned about the strike. [worried about]
   My research is concerned with social trends. [= about, interested in]

- I've kept you waiting. Sorry about that. [Sorry about something]
   I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. [Sorry for doing something]

- Regular exercise is good for everyone. [benefit everyone]
  Thank you. You've been very good to me. [treat me well]


Dùng sai giới từ theo sau v́ bị ảnh hưởng bởi sự giao thoa ngôn ngữ:
     *Her teaching mothod is similar with that of most other teachers.
      [phải dùng similar to]
     *He soon gets accustomed with the new schedule.
      [phải dùng accustomed to]

Dùng sai giới từ v́ không phân biệt được sự khác nhau của (cụm) danh từ theo sau:
    *In order to get a job, you need to apply for a company.
     [phải dùng apply to: to apply to sb for sth]

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